CAM Hospitality Advisors and Management will oversee assigned properties located in the U.S., Canada, Europe and/or Mexico. Our company develops and executes asset strategies, reviews proposed acquisitions & dispositions and evaluates property performance against standardized industry benchmarks.

The Asset Management Team performs internal asset valuations, hold/sell analysis, analysis of agreement restructuring, project feasibility studies and disposition processes and refinancing activities. Integrated consulting services can be deployed on site or remotely to assist and support new build, renovation and start up brands.

Systems and Operations recommendations and Due Diligence oversight can be structured as contracted services or on a time and materials basis. Key processes that can be managed by our specialists include identification and selection of hotel management companies and monitoring the performance of hotel managers, brand management and operating partners as applicable. CAM Hospitality Advisors also oversees asset level aspects of the quarterly and annual property reports and all elements of the annual property business plan. Principle areas of concentration include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure, through use of an internal audit program, that contracted management is performing in accordance with hotel management agreements.
  • Ensure hotel managers deliver accurate and timely monthly reports.
  • Evaluate the performance of hotel management companies and hotel senior management staff and take appropriate actions.
  • Capital Plans and Capex Expenditure analysis are part of the overall strategic planning process.
  • Operational and market analysis, updating and implementation of annual strategic plans.
  • Update group status reports as required, analyze pace year over year trends.
  • Prepare and keep updated individual asset abstracts.
  • Asset structure (physical plant, leases, third party management agreements, multi-year year capital plan, tax issues, accounting considerations, etc.).
  • Financing and ownership structure.
  • Leasehold interests including lease abstracts and compliance audits.