About Us

The CAM senior management team has an average of 35+ years each of comprehensive full-service hospitality management experience or related fields. The team relies heavily on its many years of experience along with abundant resources and relationships that have developed across all hotel hospitality segments to create value. CAM utilizes, to its competitive advantage, 30 years of accumulated third party resources as well as the leveraging well established relationships and knowledge of all major hotel brands to deliver outstanding yields and value to all stakeholders.

CAM Hospitality Advisors, LLC

Chris Mannino heads up a team of hotel professionals that provide consistent daily support, resources and documentation to the management and ownership groups. Through a high degree of integration with all assets the advisory business thrives as one of the larger, more experienced independent groups in the US. With frequent property intervention and solid relationships with hotel management, CAM is able to influence performance in a unique manner leveraging significant operating experience and in some cases co-managing with some of our management groups. Our real-time, ongoing proprietary reporting platforms allow owners to be apprised regularly of the assets’ performance, keeping a “finger on the pulse” of their valued assets.