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CAM Hospitality Advisors and Management – We are a focused and energetic team of Hospitality professionals that ensure that Owners and Investors realize the best possible return on their hotel properties. By continually monitoring and benchmarking hotel performance, CAM can guide a third party or brand managed property portfolio to meet or exceed performance goals on a consistent basis.

Created, owned and directed by ChrisMannino CEO and President, CAM Hospitality’s Advisory Division and Management Company have put together exactly the blend of enthusiastic hotel professionals that a savvy investment group or owner need to oversee “the big picture”. Collectively the senior team of CAM Hospitality Advisors has over 100 years of hands on experience in all aspects of hotel performance and service excellence combined to give your group a distinct advantage.

Putting the CAM team to work for you is the one solution that not only ensures solid returns on investment, but also delivers peace of mind. “Let us take care of your investment, so that your investment takes care of you.”